All bookings should be made at least 12hrs before travel. Bookings are to be made by sending in an online request from the website. Alternatively you can email us at annapolisvalleytravel@gmail.com or if you have no IT services available to you, please call us on (902) 824 3131. The cost for your trip includes 1 seat in the vehicle, plus allocated luggage space if required. Each additional passenger on your booking then incurs a charge of $20.00.

Bookings will be confirmed as received to you by return email, along with a request for the full payment of the fare, or by prior arrangement you may pay cash at pickup. Once the invoice is confirmed as paid Annapolis Valley Travel will contact you with the full details of your trip closer to the requested date of travel. 

There will be times when you share a ride with other passengers from a seperate booking.  Each booking has an invoiced fare and these are not negotiable.

All bookings are made on the assumption that you, the customer, has read and agreed to these Terms and Conditions.


Payment should be made in full on receipt of the invoice from sent by Annapolis Valley Travel. This invoice will be emailed to you. Payments should be by Debit or Credit card. We also accept interac bank transfers to annapolisvalleytravel@gmail.com.

We will accept VISA, MasterCard, American Express or Discover at the pickup point for your trip, plus cash will also be accepted, both by prior arrangement only. An electronic receipt will be emailed to you. HST is always included in the fare. No trip will be undertaken unless full payment is made.

Any charges incurred during a trip for additional waiting or an extension to the total trip time will be collected by the driver. Payment will be by cash, VISA, American Express or Discover.


Any special offer or discounted price may be introduced or terminated by Annapolis Valley Travel at any time. Once you have a confirmed booking, the price quoted to you will neither increase nor decrease.

You may only use one special offer per booking.


When you have made arrangements to be collected from Halifax Airport the following procedure has been instigated by the Halifax International Airport Authority.

Once you have collected your luggage, please check-in with the Ground Transportation Taxi / Limo Booth located in arrivals area, at the right side of the exit doors. You simply need to provide your name, and that you are with Annapolis Valley Travel and you will be shown where to meet your driver.

The passenger pickup point is located just as you exit the terminal by the crosswalk in an area marked "Pre-Arranged Pick-up". 


We do not run any scheduled service. All our trips are based on the times of the customer who books the service, however we will always try to remain as flexible as possible to meet all our customers’ requirements. 


When a client cancels more than 24 hours before travel, there is no charge and any prepayment will be refunded in full.

When a client cancels within 24 hours of travel a fee of $20.00 will apply.  Prepayment will be refunded less the $20.00 fee.

When a client is a no-show for a trip the full fare is due.  


We offer an inclusive wait-time of up to 2 hours for hospital appointments. After the 2 hour point there may be a charge per 30 minutes of additional waiting time.

Any unplanned additional wait-time charge will be added to an 'in process' trip, payment will be collected by the driver.


Out of Hours travel surcharge for any client travel between 11pm - 7am - per trip

Public Holiday travel surcharge per booking (Christmas Day /Boxing Day/ New Year's Day/ Canada Day/Labour Day/Remembrance Day)

Crated pet will incur a small fee per crate

Waiting Time at a per 30 mins charge over any agreed / paid for waiting time


We have for use our large Chevrolet Express van and so can accommodate plenty of luggage. Always confirm with us at booking and identify the amount of luggage you expect to be carrying.


We will transport pets as long as the animal is a domestic cat, dog, rabbit or bird and is in an approved travel crate. There is a small charge for crated pets travelling with owners. Registered Guide and Service dogs always travel for no charge.

We also carry domestic pets for unaccompanied travel to / from the airport or to any other location.  Please contact us for more details of this service.


Please ensure you can provide the correct seat type for your child. 

Car Seat Law in NS
It is the law in Nova Scotia that children traveling in vehicles are safely secured in a car seat or booster seat that is appropriate for their age, weight and height.
Rear-Facing Car Seat
Infants must be secured in a rear-facing seat until at least one year old and 10 kg (22 lb).
Forward Facing Car Seat
A child must be at least one year and 10 kg (22 lb) before he/she can be placed in a forward facing seat. A child must remain in a forward facing seat until they are a minimum of 18 kg (40 lb).
Booster Seat
A child must be a minimum of 18 kg (40 lb) before they can move to a booster seat. The child stays in the booster seat until they meet one of the following criteria:
145 cm (4 feet 9 inches)
9 years old
Seat Belt
According to the law, a child can use an adult seat belt when they are either nine years old or 145 cm (4 feet 9 inches) tall.
The law outlines the minimum safety standard for children in cars. You may choose to keep your child rear-facing, forward facing or in a booster seat longer. Check your car seat for the height and weight limits.


There is of course no additional charge for using a child seat.

Annapolis Valley Travel cannot provide a car seat for your children, however we will store your car seat for you should you not wish to take it on an aircraft, we would then have the seat fitted when collecting you on your return,.


There are no separate rates for children / infants. The cost of travel is based on seats taken.

If a child (14yrs or under) is requested to travel unaccompanied in our vehicle then the parent or guardian must be at the initial start / pick-up point and likewise for the drop off point. Contact details will have to be provided to Annapolis Valley Travel prior to the trip, plus the driver will call before departure to ensure there will be a parent or guardian to meet the child at the final destination.


You can hire for your sole use our vehicle and driver for a full day or multiple days if required.  Please contact us for details and costs.


Food and drinks should not be consumed in the vehicle without the prior approval of the driver. Any spills that may leave a stain or mark will incur a charge for cleaning. 


It is the passenger's responsibility to ensure they have a confirmed booking with any Cape Breton Shuttle operators when connecting with Annapolis Valley Travel. Annapolis Valley Travel cannot be held responsible for other shuttle services times of arrival or departure.  We will however attempt to liaise with the other shuttle to ensure a smooth exchange process. 


Alcoholic beverages are not to be consumed in the vehicle.


Annapolis Valley Travel operates a NO SMOKING policy in the vehicle.


In the unlikely event of a breakdown or a vehicle becoming unavailable Annapolis Valley Travel will do their utmost to ensure you can continue with your journey to arrive at your destination, however Annapolis Valley Travel cannot be held responsible for any addition costs incurred by the clients.


For inclement weather conditions in the winter we will use various weather forecasting outlets, plus the internet and webcams.  We will make our decision 24 hours in advance of any cancellation and inform the clients that have booked travel with us. This should allow enough time for clients to re-arrange their travel plans should they wish to do so. We will inform any clients expecting to travel with us of any decision to cancel by phone, email or Facebook messenger.

The safe transportation of our clients and drivers are paramount in any decision to go.

Our Facebook page will carry our latest updates of any winter or severe weather forecast and any concerns for the road conditions.

If we happen to encounter any inclement weather on the day of travel or en-route and have to pause or cancel the journey, Annapolis Valley Travel cannot be held responsible for any additional costs you may incur.