If you need to fly out of Halifax International Airport, we will be pleased to collect you from your home and transport you in comfort, ensuring you arrive in good time at the airport.  The driver may remain at the airport for up to one hour if required, ensuring peace of mind, especially during inclement weather when flights may be cancelled.  We endeavor not leave you stranded. Our Airport service offered 24/7 (subject to availability).


 Do you and your local group fancy a shopping trip to Halifax? We will collect you from your chosen location and transport you in comfort to any of the major shopping centers in Halifax. We can do multi stops too if you wish. Maybe take in a movie or a trip to the Farmers Market. 


Ever thought about trying the Nova Scotia wine, spirits or beer? We can take up to 7 people in our van, letting you guide us to your favorite winery, craft brewery or distillery . 

We always try to provide a door to door service, so no one but us needs to be driving.


We can provide services to hospitals for visits or appointments. We can also provide an attendant to assist with a client should it be necessary. This could be for a Hospital visit or if a client requires assistance at airports, there is a small  additional charge.


Courier Items can also be carried such as Solicitors Documents or Packages, University Transcripts or Application Documents. Arrangements can be made for larger items if required. This feature can be used for important documents such as passports, checks, business documents, or academic papers. The items will be hand delivered to the address / person you state in the booking and it never leaves our sight throughout the entire trip. Contact us for pricing.


We provide a service to Kennels and breeders of domestic pets. We deliver or collect unaccompanied pets from the freight forwarder at the airport or any other location in NS.  Our vehicle is usually for sole use of the Kennels unaccompanied pet, however on rare occasions it may be necessary to carry passengers at the same time.



Halifax Airport

We will take you to the airport to meet your outbound flight times, or collect you when you arrive back from your journey.

Halifax Farmers Market

How about a group visit to one of the famous Farmers Markets in Halifax, such as at the Alexander Keith's Brewery.

We will build you a package to give you time to browse the markets and maybe have lunch or stay for dinner.

French Shore

The grand churches and quaint lighthouses are beautiful any time of year.

In summer take a  day trip to the sandy beaches on the French Shore.